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Interview Questions and Answer on .NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server

  • All .NET training videos and explanation are not just theory and one liners. They are in depth videos with source code and explanation and finally taking out the actual meat which you need to speak before the interviewer to impress him.
  • We do not just provide videos and leave the developers on their own. Online support via live meeting from Microsoft MVP's takes this product to a greater height.
  • We understand no one can see 600 videos at one go. We organize regular C# training on various topics so that your learning curve is reduced to a great extent.
  • Around 600 videos covering right from .NET, CSharp Interview Questions and Answers. You are either a fresher /senior architect /project manager this solution is for every level.
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  • Mock interviews, Mock interviews , Mock interviews and Mock interviews makes this solution and perfect package for your job search. These mock interviews are conducted by our specialist to evaluate how much you are prepared and ready.
  • Superb one liner interview answer cheat sheet to make you revise in a day.
  • Videos are not just theory and talks , its Step by Step demonstration with actual code and fundamentals.
  • Money back if you are not satisfied with our videos and support.

Summary of Topics Covered in .NET Training

We understand that working on a project is one thing but clearing interviews needs a change of mind set and this solution is especially meant for the same. From the same aspect we have divided our interview videos are divided in 5 essential categories: -

  • Basic .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, OOPS and SQL Server. Interview Questions and Answers
  • New technologies WCF, WPF, AngularJS 2.0, TypeScript, node.js, LINQ, Azure, EF and 4.0. Interview Questions and Answers
  • Design pattern, UML, Architecture, Estimation, Project Management, TFS, VSTS Interview Questions and Answers
  • Complete Invoicing project end to end. Interview Questions and Answers
  • Server products (Sharepoint 2010/2013 questions and answer videos). Interview Questions and Answers
  • Best practices and SQL performance tuning. Interview Questions and Answers

Details of the above .NET Training Topics

Below is our detail video list of the above main .NET Training topics. All .net training videos go in-depth with source code and then explaining you the one liner which you need to speak in the interview.

Basic .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, OOPS and SQL Server Interview questions and answers.

  • What is IL code, CLR, CTS, GAC & GC?
  • How can we do Assembly versioning?
  • can you explain how ASP.NET application life cycle and page life cycle events fire?
  • What is the problem with Functional Programming?
  • Can you define OOP and the 4 principles of OOP?
  • What are Classes and Objects?
  • What is Inheritance?
  • What is Polymorphism, overloading, overriding and virtual?
  • Can you explain encapsulation and abstraction?
  • What is an abstract class?
  • Define Interface & What is the diff. between abstract & interface?
  • What problem does Delegate Solve ?
  • What is a Multicast delegate ?
  • What are events and what's the difference between delegates and events?
  • How can we make Asynchronous method calls using delegates ?
  • What is a stack, Heap, Value types and Reference types ?
  • What is boxing and unboxing ?
  • Can you explain ASP.NET application and Page life cycle ?
  • What is Authentication, Authorization, Principal & Identity objects?
  • How can we do Inproc and outProc session management ?
  • How can we windows , forms and passport authentication and authorization in ASP.NET ?
  • In a parent child relationship which constructor fires first ?

MVC ASP.NET Q & A series

  • How to create a simple "Hello World" using ASP.NET MVC template? - Lab 1
  • How to pass data from controller to views? - Lab 2
  • Can we see a simple sample of model using MVC template? - Lab 3
  • How can we create simple input screens using MVC template? - Lab 4
  • How can we create MVC views faster and make them strong typed by using HTML helper? - Lab 5
  • Can we see how easy it is do unit testing for MVC application? - Lab 6
  • What is MVC routing? - Lab 7
  • How can we set default values & validate MVC routes? - Lab 8
  • How we can define actions & navigate from one page to other page? - Lab 9

WCF, WPF, AngularJS 2.0, TypeScript, node.js, LINQ, Azure and EF 4.0 interview question and answers

  • What is SOA, Services and Messages ?
  • What is the difference between Service and Component?
  • What are basic steps to create a WCF service ?
  • What are endpoints, address, contracts and bindings?
  • What are various ways of hosting WCF service?
  • What is the difference of hosting a WCF service on IIS and Self hosting?
  • What is the difference between BasicHttpBinding and WsHttpBinding?
  • How can we do debugging and tracing in WCF?
  • Can you explain transactions in WCF (theory)?
  • How can we self host WCF service ?
  • What are the different ways of implementing WCF Security?
  • How can we implement SSL security on WCF(Transport Security)?
  • How can we implement transport security plus message security in WCF ?
  • How can we do WCF instancing ?
  • How Can we do WCF Concurency and throttling?
  • What is LINQ and can you explain same with example?
  • Can you explain a simple example of LINQ to SQL?
  • How can we define relationships using LINQ to SQL?
  • How can we optimize LINQ relationships queries using ‘DataLoadOptions’?
  • Can we see a simple example of how we can do CRUD using LINQ to SQL?
  • How can we call a stored procedure using LINQ?
  • What is the need of WPF when we had GDI, GDI+ and DirectX?
  • Can you explain how we can make a simple WPF application?
  • Can you explain the three rendering modes i.e. Tier 0 , Tier 1 and Tier 2?
  • Can you explain the Architecture of WPF?
  • What is Azure?
  • Can you explain Azure Costing?
  • Can we see a simple Azure sample program?
  • What are the different steps to create a simple Worker application?
  • Can we understand Blobs in steps, Tables & Queues ?
  • Can we see a simple example for Azure tables?
  • What is Package and One click deploy(Deployment Part - 1) ?
  • What is Web.config transformation (Deployment Part-2)?
  • What is MEF and how can we implement the same?
  • How is MEF different from DIIOC?

Design pattern, Estimation, VSTS, Project management interview questions and answers

Design Pattern Training / Interview Questions and Answers

  • Introduction
  • Factory Design Pattern
  • Abstract Factory Design Pattern
  • Builder Design Pattern
  • Prototype Design Pattern
  • Singleton Design Pattern
  • Adapter Design Pattern
  • Bridge Design Pattern
  • Composite Design Pattern
  • Decorator Design Pattern
  • Facade Design Pattern
  • Flyweight Design Pattern
  • Proxy Design Pattern
  • Mediator Design Pattern
  • Memento Design Pattern
  • Interpreter Design Pattern
  • Iterator Design Pattern
  • COR Design Pattern
  • Command Design Pattren
  • State Design Pattern
  • Strategy Design Pattern
  • Observer Design Pattern
  • Template Design Pattern
  • Visitor Design Pattern
  • Dependency IOC Design pattern
  • MVC , MVP , DI IOC and MVVM Training / Interview Questions and Answers

UML Training / Interview Questions and Answers

  • Introduction
  • Use Case Diagrams
  • Class Digrams
  • Object Diagrams
  • Sequence Digrams
  • Collaboration Diagrams
  • Activity Diagram
  • State chart Diagrams
  • Component Diagrams
  • Deployment Diagrams
  • Stereo Types Diagrams
  • Package Diagram and UML Project Flow.

Function points Training / Interview Questions and Answers

  • Introduction
  • Application Boundary
  • EI Fundamentals
  • EO Fundamentals
  • EQ Fundamentals
  • EIF
  • Fundamentals
  • ILF Fundamentals
  • GSC Fundamentals
  • Productivity Factor
  • Costing and a complete estimation of customer screen using function points.
  • FXCOP and Stylecop Training / Interview Questions and Answers

VSTS Training / Interview Questions and Answers

  • VSTS questions and answer videos
  • What is Unit Testing & can we see an example of the same?
  • How can we write data driven test using NUNIT & VS Test?
  • Can we see simple example of a unit test for database operation?
  • How can we do automated testing using Visual Studio Test?
  • How can we do Load Testing using VSTS test?
  • Can you explain database unit testing?
  • How can we do test coverage using VSTS system?
  • How can we do manual Testing using VSTS?
  • What is Ordered Test in VSTS test?

Enterprise Application Blocks Training

  • Introduction
  • Validation Application Block
  • Logging Application Block
  • Exception error Handling
  • Data Application Block
  • Caching Application Block
  • Security Application Block
  • Policy Injection Application Block and
  • Unity Application Block

Complete .NET invoicing project end to end

  • Introduction to .NET Projects
  • Different levels of Programming
  • Necessary Tools
  • What should we learn ?
  • The IIS
  • Making UI using .net IDE
  • Database, The SQL Server
  • Connecting with Database
  • Loading the Data Grid
  • Update and Delete
  • Validations
  • Issue with the Code
  • Two Tier Architecture
  • Three Tier Architecture
  • Database Normalization
  • Session and State Management
  • Using Enterprise Application Block
  • Aggregation and Composition
  • Implementing Interfaces and Factory
  • Inheritance relationship
  • Abstract Class Implementation

Share point interview Training / Interview Questions and Answers videos

  • What is SharePoint, WSS and MOSS?
  • How does WSS actually work?
  • What is Site and SiteCollection?
  • What is the use of SQL server in SharePoint & use of Virtual path provider?
  • What is Ghosting and UnGhosting in SharePoint?
  • How can we create a site in SharePoint?
  • How can we Customize a SharePoint Site?
  • What kind of readymade functional modules exists collaboration?
  • Can you display a simple Custom Page in SharePoint?
  • How can we implement behind code ASPX pages in SharePoint?
  • What is the concept of features in SharePoint?
  • I want a feature to be only displayed to admin?
  • How do we debug SharePoint error’s?
  • Why customized pages are parsed using no-compile mode?
  • Can you explain WSS model?
  • How can we use custom controls in SharePoint?
  • How can we display ASCX control in SharePoint pages?
  • What are Web Parts?
  • How can we deploy a simple Webpart in SharePoint?
  • How can we achieve customization and personalization using WebParts?
  • How can we create custom editor for WebPart?
  • SharePoint is about centralizing documents, how similar is to the windows folder?
  • What are custom fields and content types?
  • Can you explain SharePoint Workflows?
  • What is a three-state Workflow in SharePoint?
  • How can we create sharepoint workflow using sharepoint designer?

.NET best practices and SQL Server Training / Interview Questions and Answers

  • Basics :- Query plan, Logical operators and Logical reads
  • Point 1 :- Unique keys improve table scan performance.
  • Point 2 :- Choose Table scan for small & Seek scan for large records
  • Point 3 :- Use Covering index to reduce RID (Row Identifier) lookup
  • Point4:- Keep index size as small as possible.
  • Point5:- use numeric as compared to text data type.
  • Point6:- use indexed view for aggregated SQL Queries
  • Finding high memory consuming functions
  • Improve garbage collector performance using finalize/dispose pattern
  • How to use performance counters to gather performance data

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